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Prospect Interviews | '02 UC Preview | '02 Senior Preview
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Prospect Interviews

Below are links to interviews I've conducted with some NFL Prospects. I'd like to thank them and their families for allowing me to spend time getting to know them. I wish all of you luck in the NFL and beyond.

Completed Interview Transcripts:

Rashad Bartholomew, RB, Yale(12-7-00)

Michael Bland, DT, Hampton(12-26-00)

Ron Edwards, DT, Texas A&M(1-4-01)

Darnerien McCants, WR, Delaware State(1-7-07)

Sam Young, CB, Illinois State(1-14-01)

Trey Langley, OT/OG, Louisiana State(1-26-01)

Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami(Fl)(1-29-01)

Najeh Davenport, RB, Miami(Fl)(1-30-01)

Wesley Robertson, LB, Rutgers(1-31-01)

Ligarius Jennings, CB, Tennessee State(2-1-01)

Brandon Spoon, LB, North Carolina(2-1-01)

Chad Johnson, WR, Oregon State(2-2-01)

Bhawoh Jue, CB, Penn State(2-2-01)

Andy Aracri, DT, Miami(Oh)(2-2-01)

Bobby Newcombe, WR, Nebraska(2-3-01)

Walter Church, QB, Eastern Michigan(2-3-01)

Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami(Fl)(2-4-01)

Jashon Sykes, LB, Colorado(2-5-01_

LaDairis Jackson, DE, Oregon State(2-5-01)

Brian Allen, LB, Florida State(2-8-01)

Robert Garza, C, Texas A&M-Kingsville(2-17-01)

Leonard Davis, OT, Texas(2-19-01)

Tony Stewart, TE, Penn State(2-22-01)

Shane Pearson, LB, Georgetown(Ky)(3-1-01)

Brandon Winey, OT, Lousiana State(3-9-01)

Jerry Jackson, OT, Fort Valley State(3-11-01)

Reggie Waddell, CB, Western Illinois(3-14-01)

Eddie Berlin, WR, Northern Iowa(3-15-01)

Interviews Coming Soon:

Morlon Greenwood, LB, Syracuse
Kevin Kasper, WR, Iowa
Harold Blackmon, CB, Northwestern
Eric Kelly, CB, Kentucky
William Peterson, CB, Western Illinois
Anthony Denman, LB, Notre Dame
Mike Gandy, OG, Notre Dame
Javin Hunter, WR, Notre Dame
Marquise Walker, WR, Michigan
Roy Magee, LB, Southern Miss
Treverance Faulk, LB, LSU
Terry Bryant, DE, Clemson

Our Prospect Interviews have become fan favorites over the past few months. In fact, we've conducted MORE interviews than any other draft site on the net. Our thanks to those who have participated and to those who we'll be talking to in the future. The best always get the best!!!