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Wesley Robertson

Recently I was able to conduct an interview with Rutgers 2nd Team All-Big East LB, Wesley Robertson. Wesley is a very gifted athlete who has a good understanding of the game of football. He possesses great speed and strength and is a force at his LB position. Below is some info on Wesley, followed by our interview.


Name: Wesley Robertson

School: Rutgers

Position: LB

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 226

40 Time: 4.45

Draft Status: Projected as a 4th-6th rounder, but has the potential to be a solid first day selection.

My View: From my phone conversation with Wesley, I can honestly say he's a VERY intelligent, quick, responsible young man. His pysical tools are amazing for a LB. He's got a bright future ahead if he can stay focused and realize he's got "star" potential.


Q: What kind of person will an NFL team get by drafting you?

W.R.: The NFL will be getting a player that is hardworking, very coachable and wants to learn all I can. I refuse to give up and I know how to succeed.

Q: What are your plans after football is over?

W.R.: After football I plan to work with kids and get into sports television.

Q: Rank your three playing strengths.

W.R.: First I'd have to say my speed. I cover alot of ground and I finish the play. Second would have to be my vision. I'm always aware of what's going on out on the field. I see everything before it happens so I know my role. Third would be my strength. I consider myself to be a very strong man with room to get alot stronger.

Q: Rank your playing weaknesses.

W.R.: I don't think I have one area I need help on. I think I'm solid in all areas of my game, but I feel I can get better in all areas too. There's always room to learn, especially as a football player.

Q: What have you heard about your draft status? Are you encouraged or dissapointed?

W.R.: I have heard people say I could go in the 4th-5th round. I'm encouraged to do better and show my true strengths at workouts and hope to go to the combines where I know I will impress.

Q: Do you feel you've been overlooked because most people don't think of Rutgers as a "football" school? Explain.

W.R.: Yes I feel people may have looked past me because Rutgers has not been a power in the Big East, but have played some national ranked schools. I won't let it bother me though. I know once I get in an NFL camp, I'll be competing for a starting job immediately. I feel confident in my abilities.

Q: How do you feel you rank up against the "bigger names" at OLB like Tommy Polley, Quinton Caver, and Markus Steele? Explain.

W.R.: I feel I'm better than any of them. Pound for pound I feel I'm the best. They got all the exposure, but in the long run, we'll see who's at the top of the mountain.

Q: Have you thought of how much your life will change in the months ahead? What have you done stay focused and in shape?

W.R.: Yes I have thought about how my life will change in months to come. I just read alot, stay focused and do my workouts. I'm ready mentally and physically for the challenge of the NFL.

Q: Who do you credit for your development as a player and as a person?

W.R.: All the credit goes to the man above. Without him, nothing is possible.

Q: Please give everyone out there your ACCURATE height, weight, 40 time, 225 bench, and vertical measurables.

W.R.: These are my accurate measurables as of the last time I was tested.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230
40 Time: 4.45
225: 34 times
Vertical: 39"

Q: Is there any particular team that you've always dreamed of playing for?

W.R.: I just want to play in the NFL. That's been my dream since I was little. It doesn't matter what team I play for, I just have a desire to play the game I love.

Q: You were 2nd Team All-Big East at OLB and yet you've gotten very little attention. Does that bother you at all? What more do you feel you need to do to receive the credit you deserve?

W.R.: Yes at first it did bother me, but then I realized I just have to work a little harder and show everyone what Wesley Robertson can really do.


83 Total Tackles
18 Tackles For Loss
8 Sacks
6 Pass Breakups
3 Forced Fumbles

I'd like to thank Wesley for his time and effort. He's a very solid prospect and I'm sure he'll make some noise as the draft nears. He's got the ability to become a very good NFL player. Good Luck Wes!!!