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Brandon Winey

Recently I was able to conduct an interview with LSU's standout OT prospect, Brandon Winey. Winey, a 6'6", 301-pound RT, projects as a late 1st/early 2nd round pick in next month's NFL Draft. He's a very easy going, smart, funny young man who was a blast to speak with. He's sure to be a welcomed addition to whatever team he goes to. Below is some info on Brandon, followed by our interview.


Name: Brandon Winey

School: Louisiana State

Position: RT

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 301

40 Time: 5.18

Draft Status: late 1st/early 2nd round projection

My View: WOW! What a great guy to speak to! He's funny, charasmatic, intelligent, and an exceptional athlete. Surely, one of the best conversations I have ever had with a football player. Brandon possesses the natural ability that teams love to see in an offensive lineman. He's got a tremendous amount of upside potential and may even be used as a guard at the next level. This guy has the potential to become a perenial Pro Bowler if everything falls into place.


Q: What kind of person will an NFL team be getting when they draft you?

B.W.: They'll be getting a very smart, hard working individual who does everything at 110% all the time. I'm a winner. I do anything and everything to help the team win ball games.

Q: What have you heard about your current draft status?

B.W.: Well, when I was at the combine the teams that showed the most interest were San Francisco, San Diego, Jacksonville, Miami, St. Louis, Carolina, and Baltimore. They all told me that if I happened to be there when they pick, that I'd be a serious posibility. I'm guessing my draft status is anywhere from a mid 1st to a late 1st rounder.

Q: What are your plans after your NFL career is over?

B.W.: Man, I'm gonna open up a fast food restaurant and write a book on my life on the bayou(laughing). Seriously though, I think I'll work with the kids. I've always loved that. I know I'll either live in Texas or Florida because there's no state income taxes there. I'm all about saving my money man(laughing).

Q: What are you doing to mentally prepare yourself for the NFL?

B.W.: Well, I'm just staying focused now and worrying about what I need to do prior to the draft. I don't think you can prepare yourself mentally for what's going to happen because you don't know until you get there. Once I'm there, I'll be fine. I know how to keep a level head and I'll take everything in and prepare that way.

Q: What about physically?

B.W.: I'm just working out alot and making sure my hand is 100% by Pro Day. I just recently worked out with Kyle Turley of the Saints and he taught me alot about technique and what I can do to be a solid NFL RT. I figured Kyle's one of the best RT in the NFL, so he's a great guy to learn from.

Q: You just mentioned your hand. How is that coming along? Is it healed yet?

B.W.: I still have the cast on it as a precautionary measure. The reason it's taken so long to heal is because the bone that was broken is one that doesn't get much blood flow at all. I wear a bone stimulator 10 hours a day to make sure it'll be healed. I expect to be at 100% in about a week or so.

Q: What do you feel are your three playing strengths?

B.W.: I'd have to say my run blocking, my pass blocking, and my ability to pull when needed.

Q: What about weaknesses in your game?

B.W.: What weaknesses(laughing)? I feel I can improve on maintaining a low pad level on my run blocking. Sometimes I have a tendancy to get a little high.

Q: With all the money that'll be headed your way in afew months, what are you doing to prepare for that?

B.W.: It won't change me at all. I came from a good background. My mother and father were both teachers for over 30 years and we were a middle class family. I know I need to stay humble and keep in mind that the Lord blessed me with talent and that without him, I wouldn't be where I am.

Q: Are any teams looking at you to play guard?

B.W.: Washington asked me if I could play guard and I told them "Yes I can. I can play anywhere on the offensive line."

Q: When is LSU's Pro Day? There's been some confusion as to when the next one would be scheduled.

B.W.: From what I understand our Pro Day is on the 29th of March.

Q: What are your goals for Pro Day?

B.W.: I just want to put on a show. With my hand scheduled to be at 100% by then, I should be able to participate in everything. I'll be OK.

Q: What are your goals for your rookie season?

B.W.: I'd like to be able to come in and start immediately, but my goal is to participate in 55%-75% of the offensive plays.

Q: What did Coach Saban bring to the LSU program that Coach DiNardo lacked his last two seasons?

B.W.: Coach Saban got our heads right mentally. We always had talent at LSU, we just were lost mentally. He brought in an attitude and a swagger that everyone on the team fed off of. It was good for me because we finished on a winning note.

Q: What is your greatest football moment?

B.W.: It was the 2000 Peach Bowl against Georgia Tech. We were losing 14-3 and I wasn't even dressed out because of my injury. I told Coach Saban to get me in and he didn't really say anything, but Fred Booker(CB) told him that I really wanted to play so he said "Go suit up." When Rohan(Davey, QB) and myself entered the game, we scored 25 unanswered points and won 28-14. I owe it all to Fred.

M.G.: Brandon, it's been a pleasure talking with you and I hope you have a successful NFL career. I'll be in touch.

B.W.: Thanks Matt! I look forward to doing it again.

I'd like to thank Brandon and his agent Rocky Arceneaux of Edge Sports Management for allowing me the time to talk with Brandon. Good Luck in the future Brandon!!!