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Mock Draft

Here's my take on how things will shape up in April. Updated 1-24-01

San Diego is now on the clock:

1. Chargers(1-15)- Michael Vick, QB, Virginia Tech*

The second Norv Turner was hired by San Diego to be the new O.C. was the same second Michael Vick started packing his bags to head there. Although the official selection will have to wait a few months, Turner is already designing a playbook to fit Vick's style of play.

2. Cardinals(3-13)- Justin Smith, DE, Missouri*

I know what you're thinking. It may look a bit crazy, but with Justin's ability to play the run and his awesome ability to pass rush off the edge, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. This pick will dictate the rest of the top 10 picks.

3. Browns(3-13)- David Terrell, WR, Michigan*

The run of underclassmen will continue here. The selection of Terrell will instantly make Cleveland an Offensive threat in the passing offense. It also allows Kevin Johnson to be the #2 WR and puts Northcutt in the slot where he belongs.

4. Bengals(4-12)- Gerard Warren, DT, Florida*

This may the Bengals best pick in the past 10 years. Warren will give them an instant run stopper as well as a guy who can collapse the pocket on every play. He'll let the young Cincy LB corps make play after play.

5. Falcons(4-12)- Andre Carter, DE, California

Carter, suprisingly will be the first Senior taken in this draft. Carter can come in and start immediately. Brady Smith, it's been fun, but you'll be a good cheerleader. Carter will make an instant impact and help out that poor D-Line of the Falcons.

6. Patriots(5-11)- Koren Robinson, WR, N.C. State*

Robinson is the defenition of an impact player. The patriots need O-Line help, but it's too early to select on here. With Robinson on the board, and no O-Lineman worth a #6 pick, this is the logical pick should N.E. draft here.

7. Seattle from Dallas(5-11)- Richard Seymour, DT/DE, Georgia

Mike Holmgren has openly stated that he will address his front four in this year's draft. With Cortez Kennedy demanding to be traded or released, the Seahawks have no choice but to grab Seymour, especially with his versatility to play DT or DE.

8. Bears(5-11)- Deuce McAllister, RB, Mississippi

Although the Bears need help on their D-Line, they get perhaps the most versatile player in this year's draft. With James Allen having a tendency to fumble, the Bears are in the market for a RB. Deuce will fit perfectly in Chicago.

9. 49ers(6-10)- Jamal Reynolds, DE/OLB, Florida St.

I fully expect the Niners to stay with a defensive draft until the later rounds. J.L. Mora did an excellent job with his young defense in '00 and he expects to improve upon it with the addition of Reynolds. A solid pass rusher who my be converted to an OLB.

10. Seattle(6-10)- Chad Johnson, WR, Oregon St.

Surprise, surprise! The chances of this pick remaining in Seattle are slim to none, but should the stay here, Johnson's the man. Why? Well, he's a playmaker. The Seahawks need a WR and Johnson brings them an instant down field threat. He also played his college ball in the Pacific Northwest, so Seattle knows what a talent he is.

11. Panthers(7-9)- Dan Morgan, LB, Miami(Fl)

Simply put, the best LB in College Football. Morgan makes play after play and he can play ILB or OLB with same amount of consistency. The Panthers are very weak at LB and Morgan will start from day one. A SURE tackler.

12. Chiefs(7-9)- Michael Bennett, RB, Wisconsin*

The fastest man in the draft by far. I actually stood next to him at the Senior Bowl and he's not that big of a guy. He posseses that "homerun" capability everytime he touches the ball. He'll give K.C. their long awaited RB.

13. Jaguars(7-9)- Kenyatta Walker, OT, Florida*

With Leon Searcy's career in limbo, the Jags find a very good replacement to play opposite Bisselli. Walker is a very solid run blocker, but is even better in pass protection. Will instantly give J'ville one of the best pair of OT's in the NFL.

14. Bills(8-8)- Jamar Fletcher, CB, Wisconsin*

Another run of underclassmen is underway. Fletcher will play opposite Antoine Winfield to give the Bills a very young, very talented set of CB's. Fletcher is a bit undersized, but plays excellent man/man coverage and he makes plays.

15. Redskins(8-8)- Rod Gardner, WR, Clemson

The Skins obviously need some help at WR. Westbrook and Gardner will form a solid duo from day one. It'll also allow Connell or Thrash to take over in the slot. Gardner is a big, physical receiver with good hands and he adjusts well to the ball. A very good pick.

16. Steelers(9-7)- Will Allen, CB, Syracuse

I was at the Senior Bowl and I saw how much the Steelers loved this guy. He's got everything you could want in a CB. Decent size, good cover skills, good recovery speed, smooth hips, and very nice hands. After watching him all week, Allen can be a perenial Pro Bowler.

17. Packers(9-7)- Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin

The Packers are aging at WR and they could use some fire power. Chambers is big(6'0", 208) and fast(4.38) and can provide the Pack with a solid #2 WR to play opposite of Freeman. Chambers is rated highly on plenty of draft boards and the Pack get a steal drafting him here.

18. Lions(9-7)- Steve Hutchinson, OG, Michigan

Another guy who was very impressive at the Senior Bowl. This guy is RELENTLESS. The Lions will be getting the BEST O-Lineman in the entire draft. This guy is Outstanding in every fasset of the game. He plays the runs well, he pass protects well, he can pull, he stays on his blocks. He's going to be the next GREAT O-Lineman of this league.

19. Jets(9-7)- Robert Ferguson, WR, Texas A&M*

With the Jets re-signing Cox and Lewis at LB, the focus of this pick is at WR. Ferguson is a big target with good speed and he's knows how to make plays. He was hampered by an ankle injury late in the season and still was able to beat people down field.

20. Rams(10-6)- Santana Moss, WR, Miami(Fl)

I know that the Rams will be smarter than this, but with Moss here and the possibility of losing Az Hakim in free agency I feel they'll wait on defense because of the depth on the D-Line, espeicially at DT. Moss is so much like Hakim it's not even funny. Both are very fast, both return punts, both are the same size, both have OK hands, and both can make really BIG plays. Martz will take Moss in a heartbeat.

21. Bucs(10-6)- Leonard Davis, OT, Texas

The Bucs are in need of a solid OT to protect Shaun King. With Drew Brees here, maybe Dungy looks closely at him, but O-Line is the need pick here. Davis is a very BIG OT who has the potential to be an AWESOME tackle if he can keep his weight down. A steal this low. Plenty of UPSIDE in this pick, but the bust potential is there too.

22. Colts(10-6)- Quinton Caver, LB, Arkansas

Cornelius Bennett can't play forever and the COlts need help EVERYWHERE on defense. Caver is a rangy LB with plenty of strength and plenty of room to grow. Should be able to contribute immediately and make an impact. Has a nose for the ball and knows how to hit.

23. Saints(10-6)- Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi St.

The Saints can go two ways with this pick. Smoot or Quincy Morgan? I think they'll go Smoot because they can get a very solid WR in round 2. I love this kid's style of play. All TALK, but all ACTION. This guy has the mentality to be a great CB in the NFL for a long time.

24. Broncos(11-5)- Jeff Backus, OT, Michigan

Backus has elevated his draft status tremenously after he displayed that he can play LT in the NFL. He dominated everyone at the Senior Bowl. Will be the heir apparent to Tony Jones. Fits the Broncos style of Lineman too. Right at 300lbs and can pass protect and run block exceptionally well.

25. Eagles(11-5)- Reggie Wayne, WR, Miami(Fl)

Reggie Wayne has the BEST hands in college football, HANDS DOWN! He catches everything away from his body and remains under control at all times. Runs great routes and shows a surprisingly good burst. Andy Reid will welcome him with open arms.

26. Dolphins(11-5)- Quincy Morgan, WR, Kansas St.

Dolphins get a steal here. Morgan is a top 4 WR and he has all the physical skills you want in a WR. Excellent size/speed numbers as well as great hands. He can turn a 5 yard pass into a 75 yard TD. Explosive.

27. Vikings(11-5)- Ken Lucas, CB, Mississippi

The Vikings finally address their need for a CB. Lucas is full of UPSIDE, but his play slipped toward the end of the season. Played WR at Ole Miss and has been a CB for only 2 years. Still very raw, but has the ability to become a very good one.

28. Raiders(12-4)- Derrick Gibson, DB, Florida St.

Gibson just looks like a Raider. He's a big, physical safety with exceptional athletic ability. Didn't have a great season that many expected, but is still the best player at his position by far.

29. Titans(13-3)- Brian Allen, LB, FLorida St.

The Titans already have one of the best defenses in all of football, but their LB corp may be it's weakest area. The addition of Allen will bring youth and speed. Allen plays well laterally and he always is near the ball. Very impressive towards the end of the season.

30. Ravens(12-4)- Maurice Williams, OT, Michigan

Williams will be the replacement for Harry Swayne at RT. He was very impressive at the Senior Bowl and was even used some at RG. He's one of the more athletic tackles in the draft and he may have the most UPSIDE too.

31. Giants(12-4)- Bhawoh Jue, CB, Penn St.

Jue can give the Giants a cover corner they so desprately need. Another guy whose stock has risen because of excellent workouts in Mobile. He covered Alex Bannister 1-1 and got the best of him and everyone else he lined up against. A very impressive player.

Keep in mind that this is still VERY early in the draft process. Plenty will change in the months ahead leading up to the draft. This section will be updated every 2 weeks, so check back!!!