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Scout's Corner

A look at Josh Booty


Being from the Southeast region of the country, I've been able to see plenty of Josh Booty. I know most of you around the country believe that Booty has NO chance to play in the NFL, much less being a possible #3 or #4 Draft selection. After watching Booty for two seasons, it's clear to any knowledgeable football analyist that Booty has all of the physical tools to warrant a #3 selection.

Booty, 25, is in his second year of major college football. He spent 6 years in the Florida Marlins minor league system before coming to LSU last fall. Since his arrival, Booty has been an up and down player to say the least. Last year, Booty led the nation in interceptions and was heavily criticized in local media. He could have folded this year after being benched in favor of Rohan Davey in the Tennessee game. If not for an injury to Davey, Booty would be the clipboard manager in the Peach Bowl, instead, Booty's the man.

Booty, a Junior from Shreveport, La, stands 6'3, 221 lbs. and has one of the best arms in all of college football. His pysical tools alone will get him drafted when he comes out. The word is that Booty will defineately make himself eligible for the April Draft, and with good individual workouts, Booty has the potentiol of being a 3rd round round selection. He's got the arm the pros like. He's able to throw the deep-out with great velocity and accuracy. His biggest knock his is the mental aspect of his game. He needs to mature and realize his potential.

In short, Booty has a tremendous amount of UPSIDE and should he find his mental game and get good NFL coaching, he could become a viable starting QB. I have him rated as a 4th round selection, but could sneak into a higher round if everything goes well before Draft Day.

E-mail me your comments or questions about Josh Booty. Do you agree? Do you disagree? I want to hear from you.