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All-Pro Scouting's NFL Draft Report
Mock Draft

It's never too early to look ahead to next year's draft. Here's my take on what will happen in April 2001. Updated 12-12-00

This is a two round mock draft that includes ONLY the underclassmen who are leaning toward entering the Draft early.

With the first pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, The San Diego Chargers select...

1. Chargers(1-13)- I can promise you that the Chargers are already trying to deal this pick. Atlanta is most likely to move here to grab Henson, but should the Bolts stick around, they'll add a little fire power for Ryan Leaf. The Chargers select...David Terrell, WR, Michigan*

2. Browns(3-12)- Apparently the Browns don't think Travis Prentice is their RB for the future. That being said, Chris Palmer will add the best all-around player in this years draft and take pressure off of Couch...Deuce McAllister, RB, Mississippi

3. Bengals(3-11)- What don't the Bengals need? Lets start on Defense. With NO pass rush at all and young LB's, this should be the area of concern with this pick. There's a few options here, but I think the Bengals get the best DE in the draft. I know most of you think I'm talking about Jamal Reynolds, but I'm not. The Bengals select...Andre Carter, DE, California

4. Cardinals(3-11)- With Eric Swann already out and Simeon Rice already looking at new teams, the Cardinals must get a good, young, aggressive D-Linemen. They get their man with this pick. He's very versatile, athletic, physical, and most of all he can come in and play NOW. Cards pick...Richard Seymour, DT, Georgia

5. Falcons(3-11)- Chris Chandler is on his last leg and it's time to build for the future. This pick will probably be the #1 selection come draft day, but for now they get their man anyway at #5. The Falcons select...Drew Henson, QB, Michigan*

6. Patriots(4-10)- The Pats have SERIOUS issues on the O-line that need to be addressed here and NOW. No real explanation for this pick. Pats select...Leonard Davis, OT, Texas

7. Bears(4-10)- The Bears have some needs on the Defense, but with Andre Carter gone, the Bears add a very raw, aggressive CB. He probably has the most UPSIDE of any defensive player in the draft. The Bears select...Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas*

8. 49ers(5-9)- Last years draft was geared toward the defense. Don't expect that to change in 2001. The young 49er defense is starting to come together, and with another playmaker, this has the potential of being one of the better defenses in the NFC. Look for the 49ers to go DE as they get the best pure pass rusher in this draft. This is a very good pick here as they draft...Jamal Reynolds, DE, Florida State

9. Seahawks(5-9)- Mike Holmgren has finally realized that Jon Kitna is not the next Brett Favre. With Drew Henson gone, the Seahawks may look in a different direction. I think Holmgren knows his D-Line is in need of help too. WIth 2 picks in a row, the Hawks get their QB of the future and draft...Drew Brees, QB, Purdue

10. Seahawks from Cowboys(5-9)- How bad does Dallas need this pick. For their sake I hope Galloway comes back next year and lights it up. Back to the Seahawks. Holmgren just got his QB of the future, now he gets his DT of the future...Gerard Warren, DT, Florida*

11. Panthers(6-8)- George Seifert's team swept the defending Super Bowl Champions, and still their just a 6-8 team. This team has some good talent, the question is can they put it together for 60 minutes. The area of need in Charlotte is at LB. Lee Woodall has been a dissapointment since coming over from S.F. and they need a playmaker. They get a guy who can make things happen when they select...Dan Morgan, LB, Miami(FL)

12. Chiefs(6-8)- After starting out 5-3, the Chiefs looked to be playoff bound. Not so fast. They lost 5 straight games and now are out of the playoff race. With the offense in need of an every down RB, it would make sense for K.C. to get a RB. After Deuce, there is no clear cut 1st round back out there. I think the Chiefs make some heads turn when they select a D-Lineman here. Chiefs draft...Shaun Rogers, DT, Texas

13. Jaguars(7-7)- DOn't think that the Jags are done yet. This was just a fluke...Trust Me. Granted, they have some salary cap issues and will be forced to release some high priced veterans, but they have good talent. The Defense is an area I think they'll look at, especially at LB. Coughlin drafts a guy that plays near by in Tallahassee when he selects...Tommy Polley, LB, Florida State

14. Packers(7-7)- Brett Favre has stuggled and with no game breaking WR, the Pack has no vertical attack. There's plenty of options, but the one guy who brings it all is a guy from the West Coast. He can stretch the field and give Favre the deep threat he has missed. Packers draft...Freddie Mitchell, WR, UCLA*

15. Steelers(7-7)- Bill Cowher is in need of a REAL QB. Kordell has proven that he is best suited as "Slash" and Kent Graham will be gone next year. Maybe the Steelers try and move up to get one of the Drews, but that's unlikely. Look for them to address their secondary with...Jamar Fletcher, CB, Wisconsin*

16. Bills(7-7)- To me this is an easy pick. With their pass defense being one of their biggest dissapointments, look for the Bills to get a very big, physical cover corner. This guy has elevated himself more than any other Senior prospect and he may move up more before April. Bills draft...Ken Lucas, CB , Mississippi

17. Redskins(7-7)- Personally, I find it funny that Daniel Snyder actually thought he could win a Super Bowl Ring with a group of thirty-somethings. This team was a mess from day one and nothing has changed. Too many concerns and only one pick. Their biggest need is at WR. Albert Connell has proven that he is best suited as the slot receiver. They need a guy to go opposite Westbrook when he returns. Skins draft...Rod Gardner, WR, Clemson

18. Colts(8-6)- Defense! Defense! Defense! This is the only area the Colts should focus on for 7 rounds. They'll use this pick for a D-Lineman and they get themselves one with a bright future. Colst select...Alex Brown, DE, Florida*

19. Lions(8-6)- Everything was looking so good for Detroit a couple of weeks ago. What happened? Well, for one, they weren't able to get any turnovers. They need to find a playmaker in the secondary to go along Bryant Westbrook. Well, no bigger playmaker this year than a Safety from FSU. Lions select...Derrick Gibson, S, Florida State

20. Rams(9-5)- The greatest show on turf has been good yet again. Too bad I can't say the same for that defense. The Rams are in desperate need of any defensive help they can get. I look for this to be a defensive draft all the way through. They'll use their first pick to get a raw, playmaker at the LB spot and draft...Markus Steele, LB, USC

21. Saints(9-5)- The Saints have suprised everyone in the NFL this year. The defense has led them to a 9-5 record and they're in great position for a playoff birth. They do, however, have some concerns. They could use a big-play WR, a cover corner, or a TE. All are options with this pick. I think with all of the good talent at CB, the Saints go offense with this pick and draft...Quincy Morgan, WR, Kansas State

22. Buccaneers(9-5)- Tampa Bay's big need is at OT. Having said that, the Bucs are in position to get a solid tackle with this pick. Dungy will draft another guy from the state of Florida...Kenyatta Walker, OT, Florida

23. Jets(9-5)- With the possiblity of losing some Linebackers in the off-season, the Jets will reload with one of the best in this draft...Quinton Caver, LB, Arkansas

24. Eagles(10-5)- This pick is dedicated to all my people from Philly. I know that the biggest need for the Eagles is a big play WR and this guy will bring it every Sunday. Andy Reid is rubbing his belly now. Eagles select...Santana Moss, WR, Miami(FL)

25. Broncos(10-4)- This team is amazing. They lose Terrell Davis and Olandis Gary and all they do is turn Mike Anderson into a 1,000 yard back. I look for the Broncos to focus on their secondary with this pick and draft...Nate Clements, CB, Ohio State*

26. Ravens(10-4)- With the best defense in the NFL, the Ravens will more than likely focus on offense, at least for the first round. Look for them to find a successor to Harry Swayne and draft...Maurice Williams, OT, Michigan

27. Giants(10-4)- The Giants have it rolling with Dayne and Barber, but they need more help on the O-Line. If they plan on winning with the ground game, they need to open some holes up for their two RB's. Giants draft...Steve Hutchinson, OG, Michigan

28. Dolphins(10-4)- The Dolphins are led by their young, attacking defense. One question I have is, Do they even have a TE on the roster? I think that may be their biggest need. Fins select...Alge Crumpler, TE, North Carolina

29. Raiders(11-3)- The Raiders are back!!! However, the defense is a bit of a concern. They are missing a true pass rusher from the DE and the LB spots. Why not get a guy who can play both DE and OLB? Seems logical to me. Raiders draft...Karon Riley, DE/OLB, Minnesota

30. Vikings(11-3)- Denny Green's squad again is an offensive machine. The defense has looked good at times, but it's obvious they need help. Look for them to add a cover CB with an attitude and select...Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi State

31. Titans(11-3)- Tennessee will just look to add depth to their receiver corp and draft a big, physical, speed man. Titans select...Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin

Round Two

32. Chargers- Gary Baxter, CB, Baylor
33. Browns- Kareem McKenzie, OT, Penn State
34. Bengals- Willie Howard, DT, Stanford
35. Cardinals- Ron Johnson, WR, Minnesota*
36. Falcons- Damione Lewis, DT, Miami(FL)
37. Patriots- Marcus Stroud, DT, Georgia
38. Bears- Travis Henry, RB, Tennessee
39. 49ers- Carlos Polk, LB, Nebraska
40. Seahawks- Ken-Yon Rambo, WR, Ohio State
41. Cowboys- Reggie Wayne, WR, Miami(FL)
42. Panthers- Adam Archuleta, S, Arizona State
43. Chiefs- LaDanian Tomlinson, RB, TCU
44. Jaguars- David Warren DE, Florida State
45. Packers- Ennis Davis, DT, USC
46. Steelers- Dominic Raiola, C, Nebraska*
47. Bills- Char-Ron Dorsey, OT, Florida State
48. Redskins- Terrence Carroll, S, Oregon State
49. Colts- Edgerton Hartwell, LB, Western Illinois
50. Lions- Reggie Germany, WR, Ohio State
51. Rams- Andre Dyson, CB, Utah
52. Saints- Will Allen, CB, Syracuse
53. Bucs- Chris Weinke, QB, Florida State
54. Jets- Chad Ward, OG, Washington
55. Eagles- LaMont Jordan, RB, Maryland
56. Broncos- DeLwarence Grant, DE, Oregon State
57. Ravens- Moran Norris, FB, Kansas
58. Dolphins- Brandon Winey, OT, LSU
59. Giants- Dwight Smith, CB, Akron
60. Raiders- Marques Sullivan, OT, Illinois
61. Vikings- Bhawoh Jue, CB, Penn State
62. Titans- Chris Brown, OT, Georgia Tech

I will update the mock draft every 2 weeks up until draft day. Check back and see who I have your team drafting. Also, I would like to say that my site was the first on the web to have Drew Henson not only as a Top 5 pick, but also have him in Atlanta. I posted it on 11-5-00. It seems that everyone else is a little late. Just remember you saw it here FIRST.