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Mock Draft


Here's my take on how things will shape up in April. Updated 3-15-01

San Diego is now on the clock...

1. San Diego(1-15)- Michael Vick, QB, Virginia Tech, 6'0", 214, 4.44*

Simply put, Vick is the most exciting player in the draft. He'll have some time to learn behind newly acquired Doug Flutie, but he'll make his splash soon enough.

2. Arizona(3-13)- Justin Smith, DE, Missouri, 6'5", 271, 4.72*

Smith is the best all-around DE in the draft. He plays the run just as good as he rushes the QB. A relentless player on every down.

3. Cleveland(3-13)- Gerard Warren, DT, Florida, 6'4", 310, 5.05*

Warren is the type of DT GM's love. He's able to stop the run and collapse the pocket. With his size, speed, strength combo, he'll give Cleveland the up front presence they lack.

4. Cincinnati(4-12)- Kenyatta Walker, OT, Florida, 6'5", 311, 5.11*

A RT at Florida, Walker will make the switch to the left side opposite Willie Anderson to give the Bengals a solid set of bookends.

5. Atlanta(4-12)- David Terrell, WR, Michigan, 6'3", 211, 4.47*

David Terrell has a stress fracture??? Teams have been making such a big deal over an injury that will be healed by the first mini camp. He's a steal at pick 5 for Atlanta and he fills a HUGE need.

6. New England(5-11)- Leonard Davis, OT, Texas, 6'6", 370, 5.18

Leonard is projected to play RT in the NFL, but he's actually a natural LT. Regardless, he gives the Pats some protection for Drew Bledsoe.

7. Seattle-From Dallas(5-11)- Steve Hutchinson, OG, Michigan, 6'4", 300, 5.16

Although Seattle needs a big play WR, Holmgren will pass up on Robinson because of his questionable decision making. Hutch fills a need up front at OG.

8. Chicago(5-11)- Deuce McAllister, RB, Mississippi, 6'1", 221, 4.38

Forget James Allen Chicago. The Deuce will be loose in Soldier field. The multi- talented McAllister holds tremendous value here.

9. San Francisco(6-10)- LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Texas Christian, 5'10", 221, 4.42

With the Niners likely to lose Charlie Garner in free agency, they get a back in L.T. that can come in and produce in all areas of the offense immediately.

10. Green Bay-From Seattle(9-7)- Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin, 5'11", 209, 4.33

Chambers is one of the most physicall gifted players in this draft. He can give Favre a big play target to go alongside Freeman.

11. Carolina(7-9)- Dan Morgan, LB, Miami(Fl), 6'2", 241, 4.56

The best LB in the draft, Dan Morgan possesses the size, speed, and versatility to play inside or outside. He's very aggressive and a sure tackler.

12. Kansas City(7-9)- Michael Bennett, RB, Wisconsin, 5'9 1/2", 207, 4.29*

Due to character issues, Bennett may not go this high, but he would give the Chiefs the every down RB they so desperately need.

13. Jacksonville(7-9)- Freddie Mitchell, WR, UCLA, 5'11", 188, 4.45*

Last year's #1 pick, R.J. Soward, hasn't panned out yet and rumor has it that the speedy WR will be trade bait or released. Mitchell is the big play receiver that they really want.

14. Buffalo(8-8)- Richard Seymour, DT/DE, Georgia, 6'5", 298, 4.96

Seymour will be asked to fill the void of both Ted Washington and Marcellus WIley. Lucky for the Bills, Seymour is versatile enough to do just that.

15. Washington(8-8)- Koren Robinson, WR, North Carolina State, 6'1", 208, 4.37*

Robinson's fall is caused by his poor decision making and the fact that he's been labeled in a negative light. Marty and Dan are thrilled he's here though. He and Westbrook will go nicely together.

16. Pittsburgh(9-7)- Will Allen, CB, Syracuse, 5'10", 188, 4.29

Allen impressed the Steelers coaching staff more than any other player at the Senior Bowl. Now they make him one of them. He's got shutdown ability.

17. Seattle-From Green Bay(6-10)- Santana Moss, WR, Miami(Fl), 5'9 1/2", 181, 4.33

Holmgren passed on WR earlier and still gets a guy who can step in and create.

18. Detroit(9-7)- Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi State, 5'11", 172, 4.45

Detroit lacks another big play CB to go opposite Westbrook. Smoot has the confidence and ability to be a top flight player.

19. New York Jets(9-7)- Robert Ferguson, WR, Texas A&M, 6'1 1/2, 209, 4.46*

This pick could easily be a LB, but Ferguson is a big, physical target that Jets are searching for.

20. St. Louis(10-6)- Damione Lewis, DT, Miami(Fl), 6'2", 292, 4.94

St. Louis loves speed on both sides of the ball and they get one of the quickest DT's in the draft. Lewis, at times, looks unstoppable.

21. Tampa Bay(10-6)- Jeff Backus, OT, Michigan, 6'5", 308, 5.24

Backus is a LT, but the Bucs are looking for an upgrade all along the O-Line. He possesses the body control, athletic ability, and flexibility to play either side.

22. Indianapolis(10-6)- Marcus Stroud, DT, Georgia, 6'5", 321, 5.11

Stroud could easily be a top 10 pick, but his inconsistent play may cause him to drop a bit. Great size and strength at the point of attack. He'll give the Colts a much needed presence in the middle.

23. New Orleans(10-6)- Chad Johnson, WR, Oregon State, 6'1", 196, 4.45

Don't let the combine numbers fool you. Chad Johnson is a big play receiver with legit 4.4 speed. He'll give Brooks/Blake another threat to go along with Horn and recently acquired Albert Connell.

24. Denver(11-5)- Nate Clements, CB, Ohio State, 5'11", 209, 4.38*

Nate's got all the tools to become a premier CB in the NFL, but he tends to give up alot of big plays. He still provides Denver with an upgrade at the position.

25. Philadelphia(11-5)- Rod Gardner, WR, Clemson, 6'2", 214, 4.58

The Eagles are looking for a big, physical WR and this is their guy. The selection of Gardner would give the Eagles three solid NFL receivers in Johnson, Thrash and now Gardner.

26. Miami(11-5)- Todd Heap, TE, Arizona State, 6'5", 252, 4.65*

Todd Heap is the most impressive TE to enter the NFL since Tony Gonzalez. He's a natural receiver who has a knack for making the hard catches look effortless.

27. Minnesota(11-5)- Willie Middlebrooks, CB, Minnesota, 6'1", 202, 4.43*

Denny Green has gone long enough without drafting a top notch CB and it's caught up to him. Middlebrooks is a big, physical, fast corner with tons of upside.

28. Oakland(12-4)- Tommy Polley, LB, Florida State, 6'4", 234, 4.58

Polley showed up at the combine 15 pounds heavier than his Senior Bowl weight which has elevated him back into the first round. Oakland needs an impact LB, and Polley is one of the best.

29. Tennessee(13-3)- Quincy Morgan, WR, Kansas State, 6'0", 208, 4.44

Morgan has the size speed combo that is essential in today's game. He can come in and start opposite Mason and be a productive player right away.

30. New York Giants(12-4)- Ken Lucas, CB, Mississippi, 6'0", 201, 4.46

Lucas, a former WR, has shown signs of great things to come. Dave Thomas isn't the answer and that was evident in the Super Bowl. Lucas is another shutdown corner with tons of upside.

31. Baltimore(12-4)- Jamal Reynolds, DE, Florida State, 6'2 3/4", 267, 4.68

Reynolds added the necassary weight to play DE in the NFL, but he lost a tremendous amount of speed. At 255, he was clocked in the mid 4.5's. He still holds great value this late in round one.

Please note that these projections are based as if the draft were help TODAY, NOT a preview of the actual draft. It's still a bit early to get a good read on what the teams are wanting to do. Check back in 2 weeks when the next Mock will be posted. It will be 2 rounds!!!