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Shane Pearson

Recently I was able to conduct an interview with Shane Pearson, the 3 time All-American ILB from Georgetown College in Kentucky. Pearson, who has also been a 4 year starter and a 4 time All-Conference selection is looking to become one of the few NAIA players to make it to the NFL. This past year he was named to the AFCA All-American team(D-II, D-III, NAIA) and has been getting a number of looks by NFL clubs. At 6'2", 240 and running a 4.77/40, Shane has positioned himself to get an opportunity at the next level. Below is some info on Shane, followed by our interview.


Name: Shane Pearson

School: Georgetown College-Kentucky(NAIA)

Position: ILB

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 240

40 Time: 4.77

Draft Status: High Priority FA player. With good Pro Day workout, he could elevate into the 7th round.

My View: Shane is a very productive, confident player who totally DOMINATED at the NAIA level. He's a very intelligent LB, with solid instincts and he's always around the ball. A determined kid who will do anything and everything to make it in the NFL. He knows how to win and he possesses good leadership qualities. Could be a steal for whatever team signs him.


Q: What kind of person will an NFL team be getting by drafting/signing you?

S.P.: I'm a hard working player who plays football because I love it, not for the money that's involved. I'm a very coachable player who is always looking to get better so that I can one day become the best at my position.

Q: What have you heard about your draft status?

S.P.: I've heard anywhere from being a #6 or #7 pick, to being an undrafted free agent.

Q: What are your plans after your playing career is over?

S.P.: I have two plans that I'm looking into now. One, working in sales for Cintas. I'm currently working with them now and I'm doing really well. The other is becoming a Sports Broadcaster with ESPN doing football games. I've always wanted to do that.

Q: What are your three playing strengths?

S.P.: I'd have to say my strengths are my football intelligence, my overall savvy, and my willingness to learn and watch film. I prepare better than anyone for my opponents.

Q: Any weaknesses in your game that you'd like to improve on?

S.P.: I need to work on my pass coverage skills. In college, I controlled the 'box.' I know in the NFL, there are so many different schemes. I know I have the ability to cover, but I wasn't asked to it enough to where I feel like it's a strength of mine.

Q: Are you mentally and physically prepared for the NFL?

S.P.: I think so. Physically, I feel I'm ready. I know I played NAIA, but I completely DOMINATED. As far as measurables, I feel I stack up well against anyone at my position. I'm a very physical player. Mentally, I feel I'm very strong. I have a good head on my shoulders and I know how to handle myself on and off the field. I've been preparing 15 years for this opportunity and I'm ready to prove my worth.

Q: Do you feel you've been looked over because you play NAIA?

S.P.: Not really. I feel that if you're good enough to play in the NFL, someone will find you. NFL scouts know who I am. They've been here to see me play a few times. In fact, plenty NFL teams have requested film on me. I think that says that they have some interest in learning more about me.

Q: What do you do when you're not playing football?

S.P.: Man, I just watch Sportscenter. I'm a sports guy. Anything and everything that has to d with sports, I get into it. I also like to read and watch regular TV. My weekends are finally free now, so I get to do a little traveling. It's nice.

Q: Is there a particular NFL team you'd like to play for?

S.P.: At this point, I just want to play football. I want to be part of an NFL team where I can compete for a starting job.

M.G.: Shane, it was a pleasure. Thanks for your time.

S.P.: Thanks for the opportunity Matt!

I'd like to thank Shane for taking the time out to speak to me. He's an open and honest young man who will make some noise if he's given a legit shot. Good Luck Shane!!!